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Second Mortgage Mississauga

What is a second mortgage?

A second mortgage is when you take on an additional loan which is registered on a property that already has a mortgage currently in place. This new loan that is registered becomes a second mortgage as it is in second position on the property.

So why get a second mortgage and what can it be used for?

Generally, second mortgages are used to pay off high-interest consumer debt or they can be used for home renovations and upgrades, or anything you want or need money for.

Understanding second mortgages

It is important to remember that a second mortgage is a secured loan, and it is registered on your home. So in the same sense you would need to get a loan you can obtain a second mortgage if other means obtaining a loan are not available to you and you own a home. A second mortgage does not require much, as compared to a regular loan where you are required to provide income and credit that is acceptable for you to be approved. A second mortgage on the other hand does not require any income or credit rating, although it would help, it is not required. This is because you can get an approval for a second mortgage based on the equity in your home.

However, while second mortgages in Mississauga may sound like they are beneficial for you, they might also prove to be risky if you are not in control of your finances in terms of repayment and actually obtaining the right second mortgage that is affordable for you. This is where an experienced and knowledgeable mortgage broker can help you in making the right choice when it comes to obtaining a second mortgage that is beneficial to your financial needs.

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Benefits of Second Mortgage in Mississauga

Are You Eligible for a Second Mortgage in Mississauga?

Usually, there are three aspects that lenders look into before allowing you to take a second mortgage on your property:

Higher the equity, the higher are your chances of qualifying for a second mortgage. The larger amount of equity you have the easier it will be to get approved for a second mortgage.

Having a verifiable and dependable source of income will ensure the lenders that you are capable of making payments. However if you have issues with income we can still get you approved.

A higher credit score will give you lower interest rates. However if your credit score is low we can still help in getting you a great rate.

It is very important for lenders to secure their investment before allowing you to take a second mortgage.

Second mortgages in Mississauga approved for all Credit and Income situations

As long as you have sufficient home equity, you can apply for a second mortgage Mississauga. Second mortgage lenders will consider your application even in the below-mentioned scenarios: 

Factors to Keep in Mind While Getting a Second Mortgage in Mississauga

Like anything else that you consume, second mortgages also come with their share of disadvantages. Some of the things about second mortgages that you need to keep in mind are:

What documents are required

You will be required to submit a few documents, which include the following:

It is important to note there may also be additional documents that may be required from the lender


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